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we have been building brands on Amazon since 2013. we share your passion for your brand - through technology and process excellence - we strive to increase awareness and profitability on Amazon

Our Value

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We are focused on three keystone concepts to grow your sales and brand presence on Amazon

  • Data Excellence, Amazon is driven by data - this bedrock concept is key to our approach. Through our proprietary technology tools we leverage data to improve listing performance

  • Merchandising Excellence, Amazon isn't the same as brick and mortar, and merchandising for it isn't the same. We have over 7 years of experience on the platform to gain insight into what improves conversion

  • Business Process Excellence, we take a systematic approach to improving brand awareness on Amazon - we bring years of excellence to the Amazon supply chain and customer service. Our processes and technology ensure your product is available for sale and our customer service will turn your consumers into raving fans

Amazon Customer

"Have to say, this ranks among the best Amazon shopping experiences I've had. Shortly after ordering got a nice email from the company giving me care instructions in preparation of its arrival. Item arrived on time and nicely packaged."


Amazon Customer

"Fantastic reliable service thank you very much."


Amazon Customer

"Quick shipping and well packaged. That's all I ask for from a seller."


Amazon Customer

"The seller was very courteous and provided instructions on how to properly care for the product via email about a day before it arrived. It was a nice personal touch. The seller also followed up to make sure that I had received the product in a timely manner as promised. The seller's attention to detail goes a long way when it comes to customer satisfaction. Thanks!"


Amazon Customer

"The product arrived a day early, and I received an email from the seller with instructions on the use and care of it. I also received a follow-up email to ensure I received the product. My husband likes it, and said it's very excellent."


Amazon Customer

"The seller was as good or better than all of the other sellers on Amazon.”



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